About Us
About Us
eBotika is not a pharmacy by itself. It is an online portal where requests for prescriptions can be generated and sent electronically to your favorite pharmacy. Issue of prescription drugs is of course subject to approval by your doctor. To use eBotika, you need a valid username and password. These will be provided to you after your doctor has requested us to set up an account for you.

After this one time set up, you can easily request your renewals online, greatly facilitating the way you get your medication. You can do so whenever you want to, even at night. You don't need to visit your doctor to pick up the prescription, and your pharmacy can already start processing your prescription before you even get there. At this moment eBotika can be used by anyone on Curacao, depending of the participation of your doctor. Through eBotika it is only possible to obtain renewals, since your doctor will generally not prescribe new medication without seeing you first.

The following doctors are able to process prescriptions from eBotika:
Practitioner Name Address
Bakmeijer, S.A. Periclesstraat 2 View Details
Boersma, A.A. Breedestraat (O) 33-35 View Details
Bouman, F.R. Bushroad 52A View Details
Bryson, G.E. Dutch Quarter View Details
Calor, C.C.A. Caracasbaaiweg 274 View Details
Deutekom, C.J. Grebbelineweg 24 View Details
Doran, E.A. Montagne Abao 191 View Details
dr. Strange idem View Details
Elhage, W.S. Sta Rosaweg 329 View Details
Ferwerda, T.B. Oude Caracasbaaiweg 70 View Details
Herles, A. Union Road 139E View Details
Jansen, J.A. Pater Euwensweg 46 View Details
Jeung, H.M. Schonegevelstraat 4 View Details
Jonge, W.W. de Cas Coraweg 30 View Details
King, A.L.L. Schonegevelstraat 46 View Details
Landaeta, R.C.J. Periclesstraat 2 View Details
Meijer, R.H. Caracasbaaiweg 274 View Details
Mol, W.W. Velpstraat 17 View Details
Osch, G. van Union Road 139E View Details
Pablo, S.D. Schonegevelstraat 4 View Details
Pinto, H.A. Suffisantweg 1 View Details
Rog- Wanner, N.X.M. F.D. Roosevelt 280 View Details
Roose, A. C. Sentro Mediko Kas Chikitu View Details
Rosales-Concession, S.C.A. Kaya John Monsanto Z/n View Details
Schoop, Y.C.J. Montagne Abao 191 View Details
Severing, A. Sentro Medico Cas Chikitu View Details
Valido Sosa, Y. Kaya Julio Martina z/n View Details
Vos, M.C.R. de Kaya Havana 6 View Details
Windt de, F. Praktijk Sorsaka View Details
zen2nad Caracasbaaiweg274a View Details
eBotika is safe to use: your account is only accessible to you, your prescriptions are stored in encrypted files and data is sent over secure connections.

eBotika is developed and operated by eZorg.